About us

Avalant is a growing solution company providing broad range of solutions and services in strategic industry sectors including Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecommunication, Retail, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Education, and beyond. Our mission is to provide innovative and   pragmatic  solutions  that  help  corporate medium  to  large  to   achieve   growth,  productivity,  profitability and  competitiveness.

We achieve these objectives over the years by leveraging our Delivery Organization that bring experience from many industry sectors and from variety of domain expertise such as Marketing, CRM, Operation, Financial, Supply Chain, Analytics, and Systems & Technologies. We believe that deep industry experience and relevant expertise are essential to creating breakthrough business performance.

Our experienced professionals come from a variety of backgrounds including business strategy, management consulting, business process analysis and design, strategic planning, project management, requirements analysis, solution design and development, quality assurance, infrastructure development and solution architect. We can bring both business and technical specialists to deliver lasting results.

Our Core Values

Aligning Business and Technology to deliver “Practical Results”
Over the years, Avalant works with executives to deliver process and technology that create new business values, improve business processes and achieve strategic direction. We believe in practical approach which focuses on understanding client’s business problems, capability, direction before developing practical solution that tailored to client’s needs. We understand that achieving 100% process automation may require significant investment and may not be what client needs or can support in the long run. Instead we work closely with client’s management and stakeholder to establish practical and achievable targets for the new initiative. This approach results in real and measurable return on investment over time.

Consulting Services through Strong Business Domain Expertise
Leveraging our business domain expertise, we can provide value-added services by leveraging our methodology, best practices, lessons learnt, business process templates, models and technology components. The experience will help Avalant team effectively deliver recommendations that avoid problems down the road and provide out-of-the box thinking for client’s management and operation. With years of experience in key industry sectors, Avalant possesses pre-built business and technology solutions that directly address strategic management areas such as saleforce automation, customer care, marketing management, workforce & talent management, enterprise portal & social business, e-commerce, and beyond.

Forge Long-term Strategic Relationship with Customers
Avalant values long term strategic relationship as one of the most important aspects of our solution. We believe in working closely with customers to understand their strategic direction, culture, environment, and capability. Instead of working on a project by project basis, we can assist our customers in developing roadmaps for successful business process improvement which includes not just implementation but also operation and results monitoring. This successful relationship will present “Win-Win” situation for customers and us.

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